Our Business Consulting Services

About Bridges For BusinessOur Mission:   To enliven and enlighten each client organization with our business consulting services so it can become a harmonious collection of people, ideas, systems, and activities working for a meaningful purpose!

In launching a new venture or evolving your established business, obstacles inevitably arise. No matter how good you are at “that thing you do,” unforeseen challenges are bound to push you out of your expertise and comfort zone.  To help organizations like yours successfully span growth challenges, Bridges for Business has assembled a team of highly skilled professionals, with hands on experience in a wide range of industries and positions.  We offer these business consulting services:

  • Start-up Support and Innovation
  • Development of New Programs and Initiatives
  • Marketing Planning and Implementation
  • Strategic Planning and Situational Analysis
  • Brand Building
  • Website Development
  • Financial Projections / Numeric Analysis
  • Church Consulting of Health, Innovation, Efficiency, Growth
  • Non-Profit Organizational Consulting
  • Large Event Planning
  • Volunteer Management and Fundraising

We are exceptional problem-solvers. Clear communicators. Clever strategists. Right and left brained and heart-centered. And we are ready and eager to cost-effectively improve your organization with our unique business consulting services.

We look forward to helping you get where you want to go.  Bridges for Business.