Numerical Analysis

Numbers SupportNumerical analysis yields insight as to where you’ve been or where you’re going. Like an x-ray, a numbers snapshot provides an ‘under the skin’ image of your business. Whether you are assessing new product possibilities, planning new business ventures, analyzing the results of marketing campaigns, or reviewing web analytics, knowing your numbers can turn you in the direction of success.


When you launch a product or service promotion, can you assess its effectiveness? Do you know who visits your website and how much time they spend there? What percentage of your mailing list opened your marketing email? Bridges for Business provides insightful metrics and other numeric tools that can help you refine your tactics to quickly reach your business goals.

Financial Analysis

Bridges for Business numerical analysis services can help determine where new ideas can take you.  Our easy-to-understand financial spreadsheets, showing estimated income and expense for new project ventures, allow you to get the big picture, fine-tune your assumptions and weigh alternate scenarios before you add them to your business plan.